About Us / Northern Wood Products, Inc. is located on the North side of La Crosse, Wisconsin, just off the Mississippi River.

Northern Wood Products, Inc.

forkliftIt was Incorporated in 1992 by James Shannon and Dennis Peterson upon the purchase of Kapanke Wood Working, a local Stake and Lath Manufacturing Business. In April 1993 the Corporation purchased the assets of Dahle Wood Products. This gave the corporation the needed equipment to produce Hardwood Products and became their Wood Block Division. In August of 1993 the Corporation purchased the assets of Specialty Manufacturing Inc. Specialty Manufacturing Inc. was an importer of dowels to produce Wood Handles for the Broom, Brush, Mop, and other OEM Industries.

The acquisitions allowed the company to Diversify their manufacturing capabilities and form the Corporation into the following Divisions:

  • Handle Division – Carries a large inventory of all standard sized Imported Hardwood and Softwood Dowels. We shape the ends of the dowels to produce standard and custom handles to your specifications. Steel and Fiberglass handles are also available, and we also have the ability to produce Domestic wood handles in house.
  • Wood Block Division – Produces most all standard Wood Backs for Broom and Brush Manufacturers. This includes many shaped products to print.
  • Stake and Lath Division – Manufacturers Wood Grade Stakes and Lath for Surveyors and Municipalities. Also will Custom make stakes to specification.

We have over 20 years of experience in all three divisions and a dedicated work force that strives toward Premier Customer Service.

Our Mission Statement is “We will manufacture and deliver only quality products to you on time and at a fair price”.

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