Wood Blocks / Northern Wood Products, Inc. manufactures most all Standard Wood Backs for the Broom and Brush Industry.

All blocks are manufactured from Domestic Hardwoods. Floor Blocks and most all shaped blocks are produced using Hard Maple or Beech. For Street Broom Blocks we generally use Soft Maple, Sycamore or Gum. Other woods can be used as specified.

We will mould, shape, and drill holes to customer specifications. The blocks can be spray finished, vacuum coated, or dipped. We currently dip either clear, black, or brown. Other colors may be formulated.

Floor Blocks

Floor Blocks

  • Push Brooms
  • Garage Brooms
  • Deck Brooms
  • Street Brooms
  • Squeegees (with or without rubber blade applied)


Scratch / Grill Block Handles

Scratch Grill Block

  • Shoe Handle
  • Curved Handle
  • Grill Brush Handles
  • Other scratch Block shapes per specifications

Other Brush Blocks

  • Utility
  • Oven
  • Counter Duster
  • Pet Grooming
  • Other shapes per specification