Wood Handles / Northern Wood Products, Inc. inventories a large quantity of standard sized wood dowels to serve a full line of handle needs.

We shape the ends of the dowels to produce standard and custom handles to your specifications. Steel and Fiberglass Handles are also available.
Wood Handles


Our Wood Dowel Inventory consists of Imported Hardwoods and Pine.

Inventory Sizes Carried

Diameters: ¾”, 7/8”, 15/16”, 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 ¼’

Lengths: 12”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”, 96”

End options available for wood handles

Handle End Options

  • A) Threaded Ends – The standard wood thread is ¾”diameter – 5 threads/inch. This may be altered to customer specification.
  • B) Tenoned Ends – Ends are straight tenoned to customer specifications.
  • C) Tapered Ends – We taper end diameters from ½” to 1” to customer specifications.
  • D) Metal Threaded – Handles are shaped and standard round metal threads are assembled. Hex Head metal threads are also available.
  • E) Mop Extensions – Quick on Metal Mop extensions are assembled.
  • F) Plastic or Nylon Threaded – Plastic or Nylon tips are assembled then stapled to secure.


Most orders are Bundled and tightly secured with plastic strapping. The size of the bundles vary with the diameter size.

We also have custom made kraft colored cardboard boxes for shipping in boxes of 12 per. The boxes are preformed for quick packaging and tightly secured with plastic strapping. Handles and boxes can be UPC labeled for customer ease and identification.

“Broom Handles, Mop Handles, Tool Handles, Rake Handles, Hoe Handles”